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We are pleased to provide you with nonpartisan, 501(c)(3)-compliant voter guides covering important elections occurring in Colorado. The state of Colorado will mail ballots for these elections to registered voters beginning October 16, and the ballots may be completed and returned at any time before Election Day, November 7.


We created these nonpartisan guides as a tool to help citizens make informed decisions as they seek to vote according to biblical values. They have been reviewed and approved for distribution in churches under the Internal Revenue Code (§501(c)(3)) by an experienced constitutional lawyer who practices regularly before the U.S. Supreme Court. The information in our nonpartisan guides is supported by documented research of the candidates' positions, based on surveys conducted via telephone calls and emails. 

We invite you to distribute this guide in your church or other churches and help make them available until Election Day.  

Digital copies of the voter guides are available below and may be found in English and Spanish, along with supporting research documents.

Find Your District Voter Guides

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